Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Adorable Acorn Treats

This is a super easy treat that  you can make as a snack for your family, or as little gifts for friends, co-workers or teachers as a way to say thank you for all that they do. You could also place a jar of them in a basket with some hot chocolate mix and some flavored coffee and tea bags for a family friendly hostess gift. I've already told you that fall is my favorite time of year, and I have to add that I love acorns. I'm not sure what it is about them but I think they are so cute and I always use them as part of my autumn decorating. So, it stands to reason that these adorable treats just had to get added to my list of seasonal recipes...not that they can really be called a "recipe". I first saw these on the Our Best Bites blog a few years ago and I knew I had to make them. Sine that time I've seen them on other blogs and most recently on the cover of a magazine. In case you haven't seen them, let me show you what I am talking about.... 

  To assemble them you just need a  few ingredients:
  Nutter Butter Bites cookies
 Some ready made cookie frosting
 Hershey kisses
Minaure chocolate chips
You then simply use the frosting to attach a Hershey kiss to one side of the cookie and a mini chocolate chip to the other.

Once the frosting has set, you can decide how you want to serve or present your adorable treats. I love using wide mouth mason jars. This year I used a circle of fabric and placed it under the jar rim and then tied some raffia around it. You could also over fill the jars and leave the lid off. In the past my friend made the most adorable teachers gifts by tying some seasonal ribbon in a large bow around the jar and attaching a cute thank you tag. Creating the presentation is half the fun.

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