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A simple and delicious recipe made using fresh basil from the garden that will make your kitchen smell fantastic while preparing it.

August 28,2014



Edible Sculpture using Rice Krispie Treats

Make stunning cake decorations by molding edible sculptures using Rice Krispie treats and fondant

August 30,2014

A New Way To Utilize The Zucchini From Our Garden 

Using a new vegetable slicer to create a healthy and tasty side dish

September 4, 2014


Bruschetta Style Pasta

A quick and easy recipe that utilizes fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden

September 10, 2014


A great recipe to serve on
game day or at any family gathering

September 22, 2014 


Cinnamon Apple Pancake Rings

A tasty treat that utilizes the fruit of the season and can be used for breakfast or even dessert

October 3, 2014


 A creative recipe that utilizes grated zucchini to
 form a crust for the casserole

October 15, 2014

Decorating a birthday cake to bring a smile to any sushi lover's face

October 17, 2014

Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake with Praline Frosting

A fun fall dessert that utilizes fresh apples

October 20, 2014

An easily made snack that can be adapted to utilize the types of candy chips that you have on hand or your family's individual tastes 

November 3, 2014

A rich colored, flavorful, and nutritious soup that is perfect to serve when the weather starts to get cool

November 6, 2014 



A filling family recipe that can be made in advance and then heated just before serving

November 10, 2014

This is a warm and comforting dish that tastes even better as leftovers because it gives the flavors a chance to meld together

                          November 20,2014                      

These treats are easy to make, fun to present, 
and delicious to eat 

November 25, 2014 

This is a very quick and simple dish that can be added to the snack table at your next gathering

December 30, 2014


A tasty recipe that can add a little spice to your next celebration

December 31, 2014 

A fabulous recipe that you can use for any holiday or season depending on the type of cookie cutters you use

January 28,2015 

A satisfying comfort food that adds a little spice to your weeknight menu

February 13, 2015 

This delicious meal is bound to warm your family's hearts as well as their stomachs when you serve it for dinner on a cold winter night    

March 2, 2015

These scrumptious treats can be customized however you'd like and can be served for breakfast or as an incredible snack

March 24, 2015

A tasty make ahead cold side dish that is great to serve at all of your warm weather gatherings or to pack with picnic lunch

May 5, 2015

A few additions to a basic boxed cake mix allow you to easily create a moist and delicious cake 

May 11, 2015

This scrumptious treat can be made using frozen berries, but is even better if you are lucky enough to have access to fruit that is fresh from the garden

July 2, 2015 

A quick and easy way to utilize the bounty of garden fresh cucumbers in a tasty side dish

July 20, 2015

A simple marinade using fresh
thyme and lemon juice, creates a flavorful vegetable dish that you cook on the grill     

July 30,2015

A simple recipe that doesn't require traditional canning methods in order to enjoy pickles made from fresh garden cucumbers

August 4, 2015 

A delicious recipe that allows you to utilize the plethora of  zucchini that is available during the summer, and it can be frozen and enjoyed any time of year

August 10, 2015

A recipe that uses fresh, ripe garden tomatoes, green pepper, and spices to create a fragrant and scrumptious homemade sauce 

August 28, 2015 

  A cozy way to make your kitchen smell divine, while encouraging a little lingering and extra family time at the dinner table

September 3, 2015

A sweet breakfast treat to fill your kitchen with a seasonal aroma and your belly with warmth on chilly fall mornings

October 1, 2015


A hearty soup to warm your family after raking leaves or picking pumpkins on cool Autumn days

October 29. 2015

A traditional Dutch recipe that adds a nice touch to your fall dessert buffet or can easily be transported to special holiday gatherings

September 18, 2015

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