Friday, September 5, 2014

A New Way to Utilize the Zucchini from our Garden

     Our garden yielded an abundance of zucchini this year, and I was searching for a new way to use it. I've enjoyed using this vegetable slicer  so much, that I ended up purchasing one as a gift for my parents as well, so they use it with their home grown
produce. It comes with 3 blades that can slice the items in various ways. It makes spaghetti like strands, thick-spiral like strands and ribbon-like strands. I've used the spaghetti slicer before, so today I decided to try the spiral slicer and this is what the zucchini ended up looking like. I then steamed  the spirals for a few minutes to get them warmed and a little softer. I just happened to have the ingredients on hand to make another batch of the Pesto Genovese recipe that I had written about on August 28th. I mixed the warm spirals with a little of the pesto and it made for a tasty and healthy side dish. It also served as a way to utilize some of the vegetables and herbs that our garden was still producing towards the end of this year's growing season.


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