Friday, September 5, 2014

Artissimo Blue Milk Paint Projects

     In an earlier post I had said that I wanted to experiment with some of the blue shades in the Miss Mustard Seed brand of milk paint as well as the various finishes that can be used on them. I used the artissimo, or navy blue shade, in her line on the following two pieces. I painted these before I started the blog, so unfortunately I do not have "before" photos to show you. I've had both pieces for years but had never gotten around to staining or painting them. They were both unfinished wood, so they absorbed the paint quickly and did not yield the "chippy" effect that can be common with milk paint when the bonding agent is not used. I used the hemp oil finish on both pieces and it really created a very rich hue.

I did not do any distressing on the small bench. It now sits in the corner of our kitchen with a basket that stores potatoes on top of it. It also comes in handy when I need to reach something on a top shelf in one of the cabinets. To give the table a somewhat aged look, I did slightly distress it in a few spots with a fine grit sandpaper before I sealed  it with the hemp oil. The table now sits on the landing that leads up to our master bedroom. I really love the richness of the color.


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