Monday, February 23, 2015

Quick Craft to Provide Inspiration on a Cold Winter Day

This winter has been filled with freezing temperatures and quite a bit of snow. As the short cold days drag on, I am focusing on how cozy the evenings spent by the crackling fire with family can be and I am also trying to remind us that  spring is just around the corner. To help me with this task I did a did a quick craft this morning.
I had purchased a plastic plate charger at a craft store a few months ago with this project in mind. I painted the rim of the charger with some paint that I had sitting in my supply and once it was dry, I painted the center of the charger with 2 coats of chalkboard paint. Once dry, I seasoned surface by rubbing the black paint with chalk before writing an inspiring little phrase. I then had the new chalkboard waiting in the kitchen with a reminder that sunnier days will be here soon. I placed it near a warm pot of tea and some fresh cookies for when my family arrived home. 

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