Thursday, March 12, 2015

The $50 Home Makeover by Shaunna West

The weather has finally been a little warmer around here, and that, in combination with the longer days, makes me want to work on some new projects. However, despite the slightly higher temperatures, the ground is still snow covered and is limiting me to things  that can be done indoors. So, this morning I searched  my bookshelf for some inspiration, and decided to share what I read with you. It is called The $50 Home Makeover by Shaunna West. Shaunna is the author of the DIY blog Perfectly Imperfect, and has now branched out and written a book full of creative ideas. Shaunna teamed up with some other home design bloggers to compile a book which consists of 75 quick projects that can be completed with $50 or less. Through her down to earth style of writing, she encourages you to start small and to remember that while creating is a process, it is not a process of perfection.The projects all include full-color photographs and are divided into four categories: Before and After, Semi-Handmade, Upcycling, and Simple DIY. Each project is also labeled with a key that indicates the cost, difficulty, and approximate time needed to complete the venture.Whether you are in the mood to paint a basket or some furniture, stencil a pillowcase, or construct a wreath or garland, there is bound to be something that you will want to create once you finish paging through this book. Shaunna encourages you to look around for ways to "transform your current space into your dream place" and to do it all without breaking the bank

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  1. wonderful inspiration for a thrifty budget. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!