Monday, June 15, 2015

Empty Nests

Do you remember the photos of the robin's nest with the eggs that I shared recently in a previous post?

Well today I have some exciting new photos and a video to share with you! My family and I had been checking the nest daily, waiting for signs of new life to appear. First the sad news. Although there had been 3 eggs in the nest, the day we noticed the eggs had hatched, there was only 1 baby present :(

Since the nest was located in a shrub at the end of our deck, we had the pleasure of being able to check in regularly and watch how quickly the baby grew...

and grew!

I can tell you that for a little guy, this baby ate a lot and kept his momma busy looking for food...

He would chirp quite loudly when he was hungrily waiting for his next meal...

He would get louder ...

and louder..

and louder..

At other times he would rest quietly however ...

A few days after the baby robin left the nest, we heard chirping in a boxwood shrub that was located on the other side of our deck. Upon close inspection we found another nest well hidden inside the shrub. This nest was much smaller than the robin's nest, but it was home to three tiny babies! We weren't able to get a close look at this mother bird, so we are not sure what type of birds these babies were, but they were so sweet...

After these birds left the nest, my daughter said she was amazed at the short amount of time the babies were  there and how quickly they grew. She commented on what little time the momma birds actually had with their babies and how sad that is. I just nodded and was reminded about the book I reviewed in my last post. With my daughter's high school graduation ceremony quickly approaching, and my son about to begin his senior year of college, I could fully relate to how quickly a mother's "babies" grow, and what little time she gets to spend with them. A mother's job is to protect her young, to nurture them, to provide for them and to teach them well. While the ability of the babies to learn to fly independently is a sign of a mother's job well done, I could also relate to the mixed emotions that go along with an empty nest.

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  1. Such sweet pictures of these babies! It is nice to see the cycle of life continuing.

    1. Hi Michele,
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. I just visited your blog and love your story and how you are reinventing your life. Yes, these baby birds are a nice representation of the circle of life continuing.

  2. Oh, what fabulous photos, Dorene! I can also relate to your story about our babies leaving the nest - I'll be facing that in two years from now. Where did the time go?

    1. I wish I knew where the time went Amy! That's why it is so important to enjoy the little moments in each day as they pass by so quickly. After reading your blog I can see you are doing that and I admire the major career / lifestyle change you made. It was great to "meet" another NJ blogger. Thanks for stopping by Seasonal Chapters.

  3. So sweet! It's such fun watching the birds build nests, lay their eggs and see those little baby birds! My children left my nest a long time ago...still miss having them home with me but each chapter of life adds new blessings.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Yes, each chapter of life brings new blessings and it is important to enjoy and appreciate them all! Thanks for hosting a great party and for taking the time to stop by and comment. Have a wonderful weekend!