Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flow Blue Milk Paint and White Wax

     I've been a fan of the Miss Mustardseed blog for quite a while. Marian, ("Miss Mustard Seed") runs a business that focuses on painting and refinishing furniture and also has  lines of Milk Paint and German Glass Glitter products. I admire her "decorating on a budget" style, and the way she brings new life to vintage pieces. I've been intrigued by her milk paint line since she introduced it, but when I found a local shop, Vintage Hip Decor, that is a retailer for her products, I couldn't help but try it (and not long after that, the shop was coincidentally featured on the Miss Mustardseed Milk Paint blog in a "Retailer Spotlight" post). Let's just say I've become hooked on this paint medium. I've already completed several projects in various colors because I just want to try them all! Eventually I will share all the projects with you, but today I will start with one of the smaller pieces that I painted with "Flow Blue" and finished with the "MMS" white wax. I have a large furniture project in mind for the future (that will require my husband's help), but before I start it I wanted to be sure I choose just the right color. Knowing I wanted to use a blue tone, I decided to try several variances of the color on smaller wooden pieces with different finishes to determine which color I want to utilize for the future project.
     I had this small wooden display basket for a long time. It was a plain light color wood and had a thin coat of varnish on it.
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     The beauty of milk paint is that you don't need to prep or prime the piece you are working on; you can just paint over it. The magic is that it will adhere in some places and "chip" in others, giving the piece a vintage feel. If you don't want the paint to chip, Miss Mustard Seed offers a bonding agent that you can add to the paint and it will prevent it from chipping. The paint comes in powder form and gets mixed with one part powder to one part water, using more powder if you want a thicker paint and more water if you want to use it as a stain. On this piece, I chose to paint two coats of Flow Blue, consisting of the 1:1 powder to water ratio. I also added the bonding agent to the mixture for a look that was not chipped. Next, I decided to use the MMS white wax as a finish which gave it a white washed look. I love how it turned out and can't wait to share some other milk paint projects with you!

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