Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our Vegetable Garden

     When we first purchased our home in 1991, the previous owners had utilized the side yard for the garden and we did the same thing when we moved in. Years later in 2002, we ended up adding an addition to our house and lost that location for our vegetable garden. As we contemplated various sites for our new garden, my husband suggested a spot that already had the grass removed and a bed of mulch. He was suggesting the spot where our children's swing set was located. Being a sentimentalist, my initial response was to oppose this idea. After all, this was their play was their swing set! However, the reality was that our children were growing up, and they and their friends had outgrown it and were no longer using it. So, I had to face the reality that this was a new chapter in our life and they were no longer young kids. It made sense for the swing set to go and our new garden to be started.After all, we had the memories and photos of them playing on the swings when they were younger.  
     In the years that followed, my husband eventually expanded the size of the garden, and truth be told, he would still like to make it even larger. Gardening is one of his hobbies and is actually something we all enjoy doing as a family. I'll share more on the specifics of our vegetable garden in future posts as well as things that have worked well for us and some that have not. I'll also be sharing some recipes that utilize our home grown veggies along the way. But for now here is a peek at our garden and the basket in front of the gate represents today's yield.

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