Friday, January 30, 2015

No Sew Window Treatment

     Happy Friday everyone! Today I am going to share a project that my daughter and I worked on yesterday afternoon. My daughter had asked for a new comforter set for Christmas as she wanted to update her room. The one she liked was called Carina from Bed Bath & Beyond. I had tried to also purchase the matching window valance but it was out of stock. However, I was able to get a back rest in a similar coral shade to go with the set. The back rest makes it more comfortable when she wants to read in bed. She loved how the comforter and back rest looked in the room, but she wasn't as pleased with the sheets that came with the set as she said they were a little rough. She slept on them for 3 days before deciding to change back to her favorite soft flannel ones.
     Well, I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day, and Diane from In My Own Style did a post on affordable window treatments. I started looking at some of her old posts about no sew window treatments and came across a post that used a fitted sheet to create a window valance. The timing of finding that post was perfect, as I needed a window treatment for my daughter's room, and I happened to have a sheet set that matched her new comforter. To get the detailed  instructions on how  to transform a fitted sheet into a a new window treatment, you can go to Diane's blog here, as she does a great job of demonstrating the process as well as showing various looks you can achieve by altering the color of ribbon you use or whether you use a bow or knot.
     Here is a photo of the comforter, the sheets that came with it, the back rest I purchased to coordinate with the set, and the ribbon we decided to use to create our window dtreatment.

          As Diane shows in her post, you simply drape the fitted sheet over a curtain rod, and then use some ribbon to adjust the height that you want the curtain to be at, creating a balloon shade look. In Diane's post, she recommends using a tension rod, but we used the rod that we already had up from the valance that was previously hanging in the room. It took a few tries to get the curtain at the height and look we wanted, and in the end we decided to go with the no bow look. We simply slid the knot in the ribbon behind the sheet and it gave us the streamlined look we wanted. Here's how our window treatment turned out.....
     My daughter is happy with the look, and I am happy that we were able to put the uncomfortable sheets that came with the set to good use. Not a bad look for the small cost of some ribbon right? We even had some ribbon left over that we can utilize at another time.This no sew project could not have been easier, but now I just might have to bring out the sewing machine and use it to create a matching pillow from the flat sheet. Who would have thought that having the matching valance be out of stock would turn into a good thing? We got to use a sheet set that otherwise would have been wasted, and save some money in the process. Even better than that, is the fact that my daughter and I got to spend some time doing a craft project together.

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