Saturday, October 11, 2014

Burlap Autumn Banner

     A simple way to decorate for different occasions is to add banners or garlands of assorted sizes to various locations in your home. I have been loving using burlap and twine for my fall decorating and decided to create something to celebrate this cozy season. The supplies you will need are:

Burlap Garland
Sponge Stenciling Brushes
Fray Check
Paint Marker

     I used my rotary cutter and quilting ruler to measure and cut the sizes I wanted for each pennant, but honestly you could easily cut the burlap garland with regular scissors. Once your individual pennants or flags are cut, brush some fray check on the edges. Simply stencil the letters or design you want onto the burlap and allow it to dry. Since the burlap garland has such an open weave, I stenciled on top of an old piece of cardboard. 

     I then wove my twine through the holes in the open weave of the burlap and laid it on the floor to get a perspective of how it looked. I decided that the color I chose for the letters didn't stand out as much as I had hoped on the brown background color so I went to go get a black paint marker to outline each individual letter. When I returned to the room this is what I found...
     Our cat Mocha, had decided to take a nap right on the project. Obviously he likes the burlap this time of year as much as I do and he seems to think it is quite cozy. I attempted to get him off and he then seemed to think my craft project was his new toy.  
     This was the first time I had used fray check, and I was pleased at how it preserved the edges of the burlap and prevented further unraveling, even under these unusual circumstances. Once I was able to reclaim my project, I outlined the letters with the paint marker and hung the banner up on our fireplace, safely out of the cat's reach.

     If you enjoyed this craft, I'll be posting another project that uses the burlap garland soon, and I have some fun autumn recipes to share as well. You can subscribe to follow by email at the top of this page and you will be notified whenever a new post is available. Enjoy your weekend.

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