Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Making a Burlap Wreath

     My daughter and I recently completed a fun craft project where we made a wreath out of burlap garland (ribbon). This was an inexpensive craft and you are able to make in a short amount of time. It is quite versatile in that you can decorate it for any holiday or season. I recently saw a completed Christmas one for sale at a store, and it was selling for much more than it cost to make one.
     For this project you will need the following items:

~burlap ribbon (the amount you will need depends on the size of your wreath form and how full you would like your finished wreath to be)
~metal floral wreath form
~bow and flowers or other seasonal  items to decorate the wreath
~hot glue or floral wire to attach the decorations to the wreath

     To begin making the wreath, simply tie the burlap ribbon onto the innermost rung of the wreath form. Once attached, you can trim the end off with scissors. The knot will not show when the wreath is complete.
You then weave the burlap ribbon up through each successive open row or slat on the wreath form. How large you make the actual burlap loop is up to you, but generally around 2-3 inches is good. Simply bring a loop up through the opening and then weave it under the metal rung and bring another loop up through the next section.

After you have woven through all three rows (slats), you twist the burlap ribbon at the back of the wreath and then go back and begin weaving successive loops starting at the inner most opening again.
Each time you have woven loops through the 3 successive openings, slide the loops firmly together. I wove 3 rows of loops between each vertical support of the wreath form. The more rows you squish into each section the more full and tight your finished wreath will appear. If you use less rows  in each section, your finished wreath will appear more loose.
When you have completed repeating rows of loops and twists around the entire wreath, knot the end of the burlap ribbon onto the metal form again. Gently fluff  the burlap loops on the front of the wreath to even it out or until you are satisfied with how it looks.
Then simply choose the decorations you want to adorn your wreath with. I chose to use autumnal flowers and leaves for this wreath and also attached a bow at the bottom. I used hot glue to adhere the decorations, but you could also attach them onto the burlap loops using thin floral wire, or simply wind some decorative ribbon around the wreath and insert floral sprays. If you don't use glue to permanently attach your items, you could reuse the wreath base by replacing the embellishments at any time.You could use whatever seasonal decorations you'd like to make the wreath accommodate the time of year or specific holiday.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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